NaturAS is also our wood craft workshop.

The workshop is located in the village, very close to the naturAS guest house.

This is a unique feature in the Varaita Valley. We manufacture wooden jewelry and lamps.

The raw material is collected in the woods of the valley, we pick up broken branches and roots on the ground, selected for their characteristics: the shape, the color, the grain. In the workshop these characteristics will guide us to bring wood back to life.

NaturAS wooden jewelry and lamps are unrepeatable unique pieces, made entirely by hand. They are often personalized because they combine the personality of each with the character and energy of the original tree.

In addition to your stay in our bed and breakfast, you can book a special holiday package, which will make you live the experience of creating your own wooden jewel by your hands, unique and personalized according to your creativity. Together we will choose the tree with the energy that mostly represents you, we will observe the characteristic of its wood, we will draw the shape and, with the help of workshop’s machines, you will make your own jewel.

The workshop can be done by up to 2 people at the same time. It lasts one day of your stay in our bed and breakfast and includes: raw material (wood), assistance and use of workshop’s machinery, components for jewelery assembly, finishing materials.

The cost of the workshop is 120 euros per person, in addition to the price of the stay in bed and breakfast naturAS.

To book your holiday package “stay & workshop” write here.

For more information on naturAS wooden jewelry and lamps, see our website: